NameShort description
Crispy Ramen Soup (Veg/ Non.Veg)Crispy Ramen Noodels with Japanese flavour soup.
Clear Soup (Veg/Non-Veg)Flavour of lemon & corriander with chooped broccoli, baby corn, carrot & cabbage.
Lemon Coriander (Veg/Non-Veg)Flavour of lemon & coriander with chooped broccoli, baby corn, carrot & cabbage.
Hot & Sour (Veg/Non-Veg)Spicy coriander flavour with julian cutting vegetable, black Mushroom, carrot.
Manchow (Veg./Non-Veg)Garlic flavour with chopped carrot, cabbage, button mushroom, coriander.
Tom Yum (Veg/Non-Veg)Thai herbs flavour with dice carrot, coriander, onion & Mushroom.
NameShort description
Honey Chilli Chilli Potato
Sechzwan Style Chilli PaneerCrush sechzwan with colourful bell Peppers.
Vegs Salt & Pepper
Chinese Bao ( Veg/Chicken/Prawns)Traditional Chinese steam bun stuffed with various type of filling.
Chilli Garlic TofuSpicy fried tofu with colourful bell peppers.
Chilli Mushrooma classic indo-chinese snack, fried mushroom coated with soya sauce.
NameShort description
Classy Cafe Oodle NoodleSoft, Tongue smoothing noodles in chilli oyster sauce.
Pad Thai NoodleMix vegetables in hoisen sauce.
Thai Style Chilli Prawns
Szechwan Chicken gravyDelicious & flavourful dish in spicy sour, hot & Tongue-tickling sechzwan sauce.
Chicken in Black BeanRich black bean sauce, spring onions, bell pepper brings out the best flavour of the chicken.
Malaysian Clay PortSteamed chicken in Malaysian sauce
Minced Chicken Chilli BasilAuthentic recipe with ground chicken in Thai basil & chilli.
Kung Pao ChickenChicken with diced onion & spring onions flavour slightly sweet, spicy & sour.
Chicken in Hot BasilRoasted chicken in hot basil.
Fish in Hot Garlic SauceDelicious Chinese recipe served with fish in oriented sauce topped with assorted sauted vegetables
NameShort description
Pork Noodles
Chilli Garlic NoodlesVeg./Chicken/Prawns.
Hakka NoodlesVeg./Chicken/Prawns
Veg Kothe Dumpling
Truffle Mushroom Dumpling
Vegs Kothe Dumpling